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Prison facilities are often threatened by drones smuggling illicit goods into the facility. International airports need to keep drones out of the airspace due to flight safety. A new anti-drone solution is capable of protecting large scale areas such as airports, prisons, critical infrastructure, and military bases against the threat of unauthorized drones.

The KNOX system developed by MyDefence is a customizable end-to-end anti-drone solution with purpose-built RF sensors, drone radars, and integrated EO/IR for visual tracking.

The system provides both passive detection and active defeat solutions to neutralize any small drones in the secured airspace.

Different sensor technologies are used by this anti-drone system, each serves a purpose in detecting, locating, tracking and defeating a drone threat in the vicinity of the secured area. The combination of sensor technologies complementing each other provides the best possible protection against unauthorized drones.

A military version offers reactive smart jamming effectors – a next generation jamming technology with the least possible impact on other radio communication.

The platform’s scalability allows for the accommodation of protection of very large sites, modularity to integrate third-party sensors and flexibility to integrate the solution into existing security infrastructure, according to

The software suite modularity handling inputs from the sensors allows for the anti-drone system to be integrated into a customer’s existing security setup, without the need for a stand-alone system.

The name KNOX is inspired from the infamous American Fort Knox – one of the most secure locations on earth.

The company’s technology which also includes wearable drone detectors and counter UAV jammers, is rooted in the experience of former military officers, leveraging a deep understanding of military operations and robust insight into advanced radio technologies, according to its website.