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Sometimes, rescuing efforts of people lost in an unaccessible area or having a seizure are hampered by non-accurate enough location information. A new system is now helping dispatchers pinpoint the location of 911 callers with more accuracy and speed, and is potentially saving lives. The system allows dispatchers to more accurately identify the location of 911 callers who are unable to speak or lost.

The previous method consisted of tracking calls by nearby radio tower transmissions, which sometimes could be miles away from the caller. Police previously relied on triangulation, or information off 911 calls that can be connected to three separate cell towers, to identify where wireless calls originate.
The new RapidSOS platform allows a wireless caller’s location to be pinpointed within a radius of 3 meters, while in motion, and for 15 minutes after the call has been disconnected.
The developers have partnered with Apple, Google and Smart911 to enhance tracking by calls made from iPhones with iOS 12 and Android phones with version 4.0 and higher. Users need to be sure their phones are updated with those operating systems but do not have to install an App for RapidSOS to work.
The platform is available in more than 2,000 911 centers, covering more than 200 million Americans, according to