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Ever increasing threats urge companies to improve security technology in sensitive locations such as airports.
Through the combination of innovative hardware and software technologies a new screening machine offers best-in-class image quality and detection capabilities.
A new technology is developed to help operators identify and mitigate threats more rapidly and more accurately by offering best-in-class image quality and material discrimination, providing customers with significant improvements to overall screening and performance.
The device is called ORION, produced by Rapiscan Systems, a global provider of security inspection technologies. The company has created the new ORION Baggage and Parcel Inspection (BPI) product suite, according to
The new, high-performance ORION series product line has three new checkpoint screening solutions – the 918CX, 920CX, and 922CX. It is already available with additional models planned for the future.
This new product launch serves as the first of a number of new offerings, which will leverage innovations in imaging such as detectors and generators and deep learning algorithms.
The system’s architecture allows for an upgrade path which enables future implementation of new imaging components across multiple platforms and a wide range of tunnel sizes.
Built to seamlessly blend into its surroundings, the ORION series boasts high performing detection and a sleek, modern finish.
Additionally, the innovation path encompasses an open architecture, which enables the integration of security screening technologies across multiple platforms, allowing customers to more rapidly introduce innovative solutions into their security infrastructures.
ORION technology design offers outstanding reliability by supporting higher system uptime and improved serviceability, as well as an enhanced Operating System, variable conveyor belt speed and intelligent bag management technology.
Each solution also includes additional innovative detection capabilities such as TARGET and NARCScan, real-time screening algorithms created to identify narcotics and explosives threats with a high degree of accuracy.
The technology enables operators to identify threats more quickly and accurately with the latest, most powerful & intuitive software for X-Ray Screening – ScanOS.
These products, solutions and services meet the most demanding threat detection needs at airports, border crossings, railway stations, seaports, government and military installations and high-risk facilities around the world.
“ORION detection solutions enable an integrated and holistic approach to checkpoint security by providing the best X-ray image to the operator”, said the company’s CEO.
“The combination of industry-leading features in each ORION solution creates smarter, safer and more efficient checkpoints – specifically designed to face current and future threats.”