Benefits of 360-Degree Camera for Law Enforcement

Benefits of 360-Degree Camera for Law Enforcement

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The 360-degree camera is a new capability to already proven law enforcement technologies such as in-car cameras. The camera systems first introduced to the law enforcement market were an emerging technology with limited functionality, including low-resolution and the static or fixed points of view. However today, law enforcement cameras are much more sophisticated in functionality, have better designs and capabilities, and they are easy-to-use once officers are trained.

While a fixed view camera offers several benefits, a 360-degree camera offers more – a complete picture of the scene. The benefits of the 360-degree camera include addressing public expectations, capturing additional evidence and improving officer training.

Today’s public expects law enforcement agencies to have video footage of every stop, arrest and incident. A 360-degree camera captures evidence and scene activity that is not in the direct line of sight of the officer.

Moreover, most law enforcement camera-based evidence presented in court is based on a fixed camera’s point of view that offers a limited angle. Evidence gathered from a 360-degree camera offers a wider lens, and when coupled with an officer’s statement, it can further validate any testimony when the case goes to court or trial.

Data from law enforcement cameras can be leveraged for officer training, according to Further, and equally important, reviewing video footage is a great way to inform future decision-making, shed light on positive and negative citizen encounters and help officers learn from one another.

Among the developments in the field is Blue Line Innovations’ Warrior 360º body worn camera. It is adaptable and can be mounted in a variety of locations based on the officers and departments needs and preferences. It is designed to be mounted on the officer’s shoulder to provide a complete 360º view of the situation around the officer. However, it can also be chest mounted to provide a 240º field-of-view recording as well, according to the company website.

Motorola Solutions developed the Sr600 In-Car Police Video Camera System, which has a has a full 360-degree view to capture the whole situation: From the road ahead to the car’s back seat, and everywhere in between.