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SignalEye is a software-only solution that uses machine learning technology to automate the classification of signals for situational awareness across the radio frequency (RF) spectrum.
General Dynamics Mission Systems has collaborated with Intelligent RF Solutions (iRF) to resell the technology. iRF supports global defense and intelligence missions with solutions for SIGINT and electronic warfare (EW) missions.
According to General Dynamics, SignalEye provides an accurate view of threats in the RF spectrum for tactical troops, security personnel, RF system developers and spectrum managers. It also assists strategic analysts to detect trends in the behavior of an enemy or threat.
The product can be implemented in a tactical context as an add-on for the company’s SMR-7522 LiteRail miniaturized portable wideband microwave receiver, according to Housed in a rugged chassis for remote operations in harsh environments, LiteRail receives and digitizes advanced narrowband and wideband signal targets. It is suitable for low size, weight and power (SWaP) platforms or manpack applications.