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About 27% of Singapore’s national budget currently goes to security and national defense. In the face of rising and complex security threats, Singapore’s major international airport Changi will pilot a Multi-Signal Surveillance Platform which combines audio with video analytics to monitor security incidents. The platform, which will start in mid-2019, will help security officers determine if an alert received is truly a security incident. In addition to video analytics, the platform will also analyze the audio data – identification and reaction to sounds – in order to detect things such as gunshots and bomb blasts.

The platform was developed by the Singapore company Certis, with artificial intelligence firm Xjera Labs, security firm Ademco and Changi Airport Group.

While Singapore is one of the world’s safest cities, according to global rankings such as the 2017 Gallup Global Law and Order Report and 2017 Economist Intelligence Unit Safe Cities Index, it is still vulnerable to security threats, according to Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat. Singapore has been specifically targeted in jihadist publications and videos, along with a significant increase in the number of self-radicalised individuals arrested in the past two years, according to

Currently, attacks are carried out by self-radicalised lone wolves who can strike anywhere, using ordinary objects like knives and trucks, said Mr. Heng.

The company had been working on the development for the past three years.

Certis has recently announced its transformation from a physical guarding services provider, to a unique specialist ops-tech (operations-technology) outsourcing partner with advanced security and technology at its core.