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Video surveillance has always been a critical component in enabling security and ensuring public safety. From deterring crime, recording incidents and responding to threats, video surveillance plays a central role in safety and security. With the introduction of Video Content Analytics technology, the value of video footage has become exponentially greater.

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Due to the huge amounts of data recorded, sometimes vital evidence can’t even be detected by the human eye, regardless of the attentiveness of the officer monitoring the recording or live feed. Human error is another challenge.

Video Content Analytics technology leverages an Artificial Intelligence (AI) subspecialty called Computer Vision to train computers to detect what humans cannot. Through Machine Learning, video analytics solutions teach computers to detect and distinguish between video objects; extract and identify them; analyze their behaviors and attributes; and classify the data for multiple business and safety applications, according to

For security purposes, AI-backed Video Content Analytics enables live and recorded video footage to be processed and collated. The extracted information is then used to empower the human monitors to make informed decisions based on data intelligence. With Video Content Analytics, security personnel can search and filter video, harness quantifiable data

derived from footage and leverage actionable insights to drive investigation efficiency.

With a video analytics engine, for example, the investigative work of the police could be dramatically shortened. If the security agent knows details about the perpetrator being targeted, he or she can search the video, filtering based on the suspect’s attributes and known features, and eliminate from the video search all objects that don’t match the description. Instead of watching hours of footage, the investigator can narrow down the footage to the appearances of relevant objects similar to the suspect, and quickly identify the necessary video evidence for building a case. By accelerating the video review process, police forces can dedicate fewer officers to extracting video evidence, while collecting more of it by expanding the scope of the video investigation.

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