Latest Addition to Close Quarters Combat Arsenal

Latest Addition to Close Quarters Combat Arsenal

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Close quarters battle include a wide range of operations, such as commando operations, urban warfare, special forces, anti-hijack situations, etc. In the urban battlefield, terror encounters involve concrete structures, hostages, interspersed civilians and use of sophisticated weapons and accessories.

Keeping in mind close quarters arena, Raytheon has developed the new ELCAN Specter rifle sight that enables soldiers to identify targets more quickly and make better decisions. Equipped with a large window and LED technology, the new reflex rifle sight provides ground troops with a sharper and improved image.

The rugged system has been designed specifically for use in close quarters and its new sight uses large high-transmission windows that enable the soldiers to keep both eyes open to support increased situational awareness, according to

“Soldiers who use this new sight will immediately see a much clearer and less grainy image. That’s especially important when used with a magnifier, ”said Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies Rifle Sights product manager Dan Pettry.

The 1XL reflex sight in a lightweight package provides the ground troops with a number of reticle options, with the ability to switch from red dot or red dot with circle patterns without compromising on the quality of the image.

The ELCAN sight which is the newest addition to the company’s reflex sights product line is currently being evaluated and assessed for use by several US-allied militaries. Recognized as being the easiest and most accurate small arms targeting systems, the Raytheon ELCAN rifle sights are preferred by the military for their operational simplicity, rugged performance and high-precision optics.