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A new design concept for a future semi-catamaran aircraft carrier was devised by Russia’s Krylov State Research Center (KSRC).

The model of a future non-nuclear multirole aircraft carrier was presented for the first time at the Army-2018 forum in August this year.

“The semi-catamaran design of the ship’s underwater part is the project’s key distinguishing feature,” KSRC spokesperson was quoted earlier this month.

Normally catamarans have two parallel hulls and a superstructure platform connecting them. The proposed semi-catamaran hull will resemble a dovetail, bifurcating toward the stern.

The new design pattern’s main advantage was a large flight deck (as wide as that of heavy aircraft carriers) and smaller displacement.

According to the spokesperson, the flight deck area is a crucial factor for the number of planes the ship can carry.

“An average displacement ship is capable of carrying a full-scale air wing,” he said.

No V-shape hull aircraft carriers have been built so far.

The Krylov Center said the proposed aircraft carrier’s water displacement will be 44,000 tonnes, length – 304 meters, deck width – 78 meters, draught – 8.5 meters, full speed – 28 knots, and cruising range – 12,875 kilometers.

The ship’s air wing will consist of 46 aircraft: 12-14 Sukhoi-33 fighters, 12-14 MiG-29K/KUB fighters, four early warning and command aircraft and 12-14 Ka-27 helicopters.

Russia’s only medium class aircraft carrier known as “The Admiral Kuznetsov” has a far greater displacement (59,000 tonnes) carries the same air group – up to 52 planes and helicopters, as reported by