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The fascinating AUS&R exhibition and conference held on October 15, 2018 will showcase the innovative unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) developed by Ex-Sight.

Ex-Sight’s technology is feasible in a wide range of scenarios. It enables rescue operations in harsh terrain or marine environments without human intervention, thus reducing human risks.

The company provides unmanned robotic engineering services from product design to turn-key project management, meeting the particular client requirements. 

The generic autonomous control kits embed modules for remote control and autonomous navigation.

These custom-tailored robotic systems are created to unman any types of existing vehicles/vessels for operational flexibility. Communication, control, navigation, sensors and electronics are integrated in one package. 
The UGV is equipped with versatile communication modes (satellite, 4G-LTE, RF), video reconnaissance capabilities supplying 360 degrees situational awareness, autonomous navigation and route planning capabilities, embedded obstacle detection and avoidance system, and more.

The dual-use manned/unmanned rescue USV can self-navigate a specific location, perform its missions and automatically return to its launching point.

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