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The Indian Army has issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking the supply of 41,000 new light machine guns to equip its infantry battalions.

The Indian Army is desirous of procuring a 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun (LMG). The desirous vendors are requested to furnish following information regarding the features and characteristics of their Light Machine Gun (LMG), the RFI issued on 21, August 2018 stated. The vendors are requested to clearly specify whether they are willing for transfer of technology to Indian subsidiaries or industries.

The LMG are expected to have a telescopic sight with 4x magnification. The sight should facilitate engagement of human target at 1000m and should have suitable reticle pattern for judging distance and engagement at all intermediary ranges.

According to, the RFI was first issued in October, but the parameters on its numbers, method of sourcing, firing capabilities, etc, were issued recently after the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) confirmed the need for 40,949 LMGs. Of these, 30,712 will be sourced from private Indian industry and another 10,237 from the Ordnance Factory Board.

In very broad terms, here’s what the RFI lists as requirements for these light machine guns:

(a)  Effective Range. Not less than 800 meters.

(b) Lethality. Lethality at ranges up to minimum 800 meters in terms of wound profile, energy transferred and penetration.

(c) Accuracy. The Light Machine Gun should be capable of achieving accuracy better than four Minutes of Angle up to a range of minimum 800 meters.

(d) Reliability. The Light Machine Gun should be reliable in its operation as per TOP 3-2-045 for reliability and withstand sustained fire.

(e) Weight. The Light Machine Gun should be as light as possible in weight.

(f)  Sight. The Light Machine Gun should have integrated open sight.

(g)  The Light Machine Gun should have compatibility with all modern sights and accessories and provision for mounting the same.

(h) In terms of design, metallurgy and performance parameters, the Light Machine Gun should remain relevant for its envisaged service life.

(j) The Light Machine Gun should be capable of providing the desired performance across all spectrums of employment in the Indian terrain and climatic conditions.

(k) The Light Machine Gun should comply with the laid down MIL Standards and other International Standards in vogue.