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The increase in the amount of evidence gathered from surveillance systems, body cameras, and civilians can help solve crimes. However, it also presents new challenges for the investigation process. With a case management system that facilitates collaboration between security departments, outside agencies, and the public, you can overcome these issues and speed up investigations in a cost efficient manner.

A new feature is designed to make it easy for the general public and private businesses to contribute to crime-solving efforts by sharing relevant video and photos from their cell phones and surveillance systems with law enforcement agencies.

Genetec, specializing in unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, has launched a new ‘File Request’ feature for its Clearance digital evidence management system.

According to, first, the police Investigators share a file request link or QR code with the public via social media, on the web or on the news. Then, contributors can upload videos, photos, and other evidence directly into Clearance system for police officers, investigators and security managers to review and use as part of their investigation.

Since Clearance can accept a wide variety of proprietary file types and file sizes, it is easy for private businesses to upload digital evidence from their surveillance systems even if they are very large files. Once uploaded, all case information remains private and secure.

The Clearance File Request feature also eliminates the need to create multiple copies using insecure means like DVDs or thumb-drives, and saves personnel time from having to drive out to gather evidence.