Ground-Breaking Technology for Projectile Fire

Ground-Breaking Technology for Projectile Fire

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Current explosive munition technology for precision strikes uses chemical explosive energy to form the jets and fragments. This is highly inefficient and requires precise machining of the metal liners from which the fragments and jets are formed.

The MAHEM (Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition) weapons system developed by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA uses a magnetic flux generator to fire a projectile without the traditional use of chemical explosives, creating a more efficient and precise launch system.

This projectile weapons system also uses molten metal to penetrate enemy armored vehicles, increasing lethality and effectiveness on the battlefield, according to

The MAHEM program offers the potential for greater control, and the ability to generate and accurately time multiple jets and fragments from a single charge, says DARPA’s website.

Generating multiple jets or fragments from a single explosive is difficult, and the timing of the multiple jets or fragments cannot be controlled. MAHEM offers the potential for multiple targeted warheads with a much higher EFJ velocity.

MAHEM could also be packaged into a missile, projectile or other platform, and delivered close to target for final engagement.