Special Units in Need of Advanced Goggles

Special Units in Need of Advanced Goggles


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A Cold Weather Mobility (CWM) goggle system developed is a purpose-built combat-ready protective eyewear system that incorporates a patented technology which makes it impossible for fog to survive on the inner surface of the eyewear. The technology developed by Abom uses a thin-film transparent conductive layer sandwiched between two polycarbonate anti-scratch coated lenses. A micro-computer manages power to the system from the two internal lithium-Ion batteries rechargeable from a standard micro-USB port, according to the company website.

The company has received a phase one contract from the US Special Operations Command to conduct a feasibility study for the development of a new tactical active anti-fogging goggle.

The innovative tactical active anti-fogging goggle or spectacle will be developed in a smaller form factor than traditional goggles, in order to enhance the situational awareness, operational readiness and sustained human performance of Special Operations Forces operating in harsh conditions.

The preferred tactical goggles or spectacles will not employ passive anti-fog technologies such as coatings to prevent or reduce condensation. Power supplies will be self-contained and will not exhibit any significant snag hazards.

If the work continues to the next phase, the company will continue to develop and demonstrate prototype systems and test those systems in a simulated operational environment, reports shephardmedia.com.