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The US Army has ordered more tactical vehicles from Oshkosh Defense, an Oshkosh Corporation company. The FMTV family of medium tactical vehicles is comprised of 17 models, enabling the vehicle to perform a wide range of missions and to support combat missions, relief efforts and logistics and supply operations.

The Army Contracting Command has placed four additional orders for a total of 771 FMTVs, valued at $159.6 million. With the most recent award, Oshkosh will surpass production of the 28,000th vehicle under the current A1P2 contract.

The current generation FMTV is comprised of 17 models ranging from 2.5-ton to 10-ton payloads. The vehicle seamlessly integrates technologies needed on the battlefield and in support of Homeland Security. The vehicles feature a parts commonality of more than 80 percent, resulting in streamlined maintenance, training, sustainment and overall cost efficiency for the U.S. Army, Army Reserves, National Guard and U.S. Air Force.

FMTV features crew-protecting armor and advanced technologies that work in concert to provide the capability, versatility, mobility and protection to move troops and supplies, recover vehicles and weapon systems or haul equipment wherever the mission requires, according to the company website.

The FMTV has been proven time and time again, meeting the demands of the mission, battlefield and military personnel.