Combat Vehicle Data Fusion System to Minimize Soldiers’ Overload

Combat Vehicle Data Fusion System to Minimize Soldiers’ Overload

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Adding displays and panels to combat vehicles could potentially distract crews in an already-complex combat environment. Situational awareness and combat efficiency have to be enhanced without adding to the crews’ cognitive workload. BAE Systems has developed a new solution for addressing this challenge of battlefield situational awareness. Called iFighting, the technology is designed to optimize combat vehicle and crew performance by harnessing data to enable faster decision-making in combat. It is the core of system integration for the future armored vehicle.

Based on technology integrated by BAE Systems, the iFighting concept fuses together data from different systems within the vehicle to filter through and prioritize the most critical information. This allows the crew to make quicker and more effective decisions to improve overall performance on the battlefield, according to the company announcement on

The development creates a more combat-effective system by reducing the amount of information the soldier needs to process while increasing situational awareness to aid decision-making on the complex battlefield. It ultimately helps to improve the performance of an inexperienced crew, as well as amplifying that of an experienced team.