New Cloud Platrorm for Battlefield Applications

cloud platfform

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Hyperconnectivity on the battlefield promises to drive a technological revolution for armed forces and engender a growth in demand for new capabilities to gather, share and process large volumes of data in real time. As threat environments evolve, armed forces units will be able to respond immediately, and sometimes simultaneously, to any situation that may arise in future conflicts. Thales has launched the first comprehensive private cloud infrastructure solution called Nexium Defence Cloud to improve the operational efficiency of the armed forces.

The Thales Defence Cloud is a sovereign solution designed for constrained environments, enabling deployed forces to conduct their missions in total autonomy in the theater of operations.

With its Defence Cloud offering and related connectivity solutions, Thales proposes a complete solution including secure, end-to-end hosting of data and applications.

Users ranging from commanders in the home country to units deployed in theatres of operation can access data in complete privacy in a dedicated environment that takes full benefit of Thales’s cybersecurity expertise.

An extensive range of configurations is possible to accommodate the requirements. This ability to interconnect systems and devices quickly and easily within ad-hoc command structures and organizations boosts mission effectiveness with no trade-off in security, according to

Equipment and applications can be deployed, configured and updated remotely so that the armed forces can focus on their core missions.

The company said that it was bringing to armed forces its expertise in secure, interoperable information and telecommunication systems, combined with capabilities in the key digital technologies of connectivity and IoT, Big Data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

The new cloud platform expands the armed forces’ arsenal with a new digital power that allows them to make decisions quickly and efficiently in real time at each decisive moment.