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Israel’s next goal is the implementation of the new technological scientific program for the enhancement of Israel’s security. This was the bottom line of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s declaration yesterday at an international science ministers conference.

The program will advance Israel in fields with a critical contribution to security. Among other fields, Netanyahu emphasized quantum technology, defining it as especially critical for the Israeli intelligence and for safeguarding Israel’s superiority.

iHLS has been active for several years in the advancement of security, defense, and homeland security technologies through supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the ecosystem in various ways. iHLS Security Accelerator, first of its kind in the world, advances startups with ground-breaking technologies in various security fields, from drones, tunnel warfare, sensors, etc. to the citizen’s security and safe city technologies. The fifth startup cycle of the Security Accelerator opened this week.

According to Netanyahu, he was basing his statement on Israel’s success as a global technological powerhouse in general, and a world leader in cyber in particular. He also referred to Israel’s leading technological role in agriculture and in the current automotive advanced industry.

He defined three technological fields – artificial intelligence, big data, and connectivity, in which Israel’s dominance enables the current technological revolution.

iHLS will host for the first time the prestigious Startup Competition for innovative technologies in the security, defense and homeland security fields, the only startup event in this sector.

The Startup Competition will be held on July 11, 2018, in Tel-Aviv.

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