Pilots Will Be Able to See Through Smoke 


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In-flight fires, smoke, or fumes account for an average of one precautionary landing every day, according to the FAA. A prototype, first-of-its-kind heads-up display (HUD) oxygen mask was recently exposed. The innovation incorporates smartglasses technology to aid pilots in emergency landings if the cockpit fills with smoke.

The Smoke Assured Vision Enhanced Display (SAVED) heads-up display (HUD), developed by Osterhout Design Group (ODG), connects to the airplane’s flight computer and cameras affixed to the exterior of the craft. In addition to supplying oxygen, the mask can display critical flight information and line-of-sight to the terrain for pilots should their vision become obscured by smoke.

Although the masks were designed for FedEx, ODG plans to offer the technology to civil and commercial aircraft manufacturers and military organizations as well. The new, specially-crafted oxygen mask uses the same augmented reality technology from its smart glasses to assist FedEx Express pilots navigating dangerous conditions. Eventually, the system will be a lifesaving tool for the entire aviation industry.

According to next.reality.news, manufacturers like Boeing have demonstrated how AR can improve the productivity of employees working on aircraft, but it appears that augmented reality also has a life-saving role to play in the cockpit as well.