Mega tool for emergency management

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9278554_sNess Technologies has unveiled its advanced, integrated crisis management solution spanning the national, regional, municipal and field levels .

Ness’ integrated crisis preparedness and management system enables all levels – from municipal up to regional and national levels – to prepare effectively for disasters and to manage them optimally after they have happened. Disasters may include earthquakes, floods, large-scale fires, hazardous material leakage, air pollution and other natural and man-made catastrophes, as well as atomic, biological and chemical attacks.

According to the Israeli company the system minimizes damage and losses by allowing real-time, central management and tightly coordinated efforts between various rescue teams. The system interfaces with numerous warning systems that alert the public through media such as radio, TV, cellular networks and the Internet, interfaces with information and other command and control systems, and supports the national and regional levels.

On the field level, missions are assigned to emergency forces, including chemical weapon detection and identification teams, search and rescue teams, and security and medical teams.

The company claims that its Command and Control System for Emergency Services is a comprehensive solution, enabling emergency forces to handle critical situations as well as routine events in the most effective and efficient manner. The system serves call centers, dispatching centers, first responders and field teams. It creates a common situation picture, and enables coordinated mission planning and optimized utilization of emergency resources. The system improves critical response times by increasing the effectiveness of the various involved rescue teams such as police, ambulances and fire fighters. It may be deployed in a range of organizations sizes, from cities to nationwide, handling thousands emergency events simultaneously.