Smart Police Vest to Detect Injury and Alert in Real-Time

Smart Police Vest to Detect Injury and Alert in Real-Time

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Wearable technologies containing sensors can save lives. A smart police vest developed for law enforcement officers can detect an injury automatically and alert for help. The development can also be applied to the military field.

The vest contains a thin piece of film with a sensor technology. According to the manufacturing company, AID,  the film is worn inside the body armor, inside the front and inside the back and this is the module that can detect any kind of piercing event.

If the vest is pierced like if an officer is stabbed or shot, a sensor sends a text alert that shows where that officer has been injured, as well as the officer’s GPS location.

The vest is synced to the officer’s cell phone, reports The alert first goes to police dispatch, and they notify the nearest emergency response team who can help the injured officer immediately.

Meanwhile, fellow officers receive the text alerts that activate a two-way system so officers can hear what’s happening at the scene.

The vests were supplied to the Corpus Christi police in Texas without costing the district any additional money as part of the contract it has with the cell service provider Sprint.