Watch: New Sensor Will Detect Drone Pilots

Watch: New Sensor Will Detect Drone Pilots

Drone Pilots

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A new sensor called RF-300 was released by Dedrone, that automatically locates drones and their pilots.

The current ubiquity of drones makes for a very hard to control environment and airspace.

The new RF-300 adds situational awareness for organizations to determine the nature and severity of threats from unauthorized drones.

The ultimate protection a facility can take against drone threats is to stop the pilot before they can cause any harm, and hold them accountable for damages. The RF-300 provides this opportunity to enable law enforcement and site security leaders to locate and take action against trespassing pilots.

The RF-300 automatically tracks a drone’s flightpath, providing advance opportunity to protect sensitive infrastructure and deploy security measures.


It can pinpoint the location of a drone pilot, enabling security personnel to either alert law enforcement of an illegal intrusion or confront the pilot at their launch site

The new sensor can also connect to DroneTracker, which combines multiple sensors and countermeasures, including RF, cameras, and microphones, for complete airspace security.

RF-300 Will Detect Drone Pilots

Dedrone’s RF-300 builds on the capabilities of the widely-deployed RF-100 sensor. Together, both sensors provide robust airspace security. The RF-100 is designed to diagnose the number of drones in protected airspace, while the RF-300 collects forensic evidence to take recourse against malicious pilots and prevent them from disrupting a protected site.

According to, the RF-300 is already in action. The technology was recently deployed the technology at a global economic meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which was attended by over 3,000 people, with events headlined by world’s most compelling politicians, scientists, and leaders. The police of the Canton of Graubündenm were responsible for the security of their attendees, and with Dedrone, were able to monitor their airspace in real time and, if necessary, intervene and stop a drone threat at an early stage.