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Latvia’s Ministry of Defense signed an agreement for the supply of the Spike missiles developed by Rafael, in a 108 Million Euro deal. The missiles will be manufactured and supplied by Eurospike, a collaboration of the companies Rafael, Diehl and Rheinmetall.

The Spike missiles, operated widely by the IDF and many other armies in the world, are precision-guided missiles that can be launched from a vast array of helicopter-based, ground, aerial and naval platforms, with ranges that reach 30 km.

So far, Rafael has sold more than 29,000 missiles from the Spike family to 29 countries, according to the company’s announcement.

Recently, the company won a contract for the manufacturing and supply of some 1000 Spike-2 missiles to the IDF.

Meanwhile, Rafael has confirmed that its plant in India, established last year in order to manufacture Spike missiles in collaboration with the Indian business group Kalyani, remains open even though the deal for it to make the missile technology has been called off, according to