Colt Launches New Self-Defense Revolver

self-defense revolver

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Colt launches its new revolver, the Colt Night Cobra, a sleek and compact handgun based on their updated Cobra frame. The Night Cobra is a double-action revolver geared specifically for self-defense.

The Night Cobra is a compact six-shot revolver chambered for .38 Special. Built with modern materials and engineering, the gun can handle any serious self-defense load. With a six-round capacity the handgun also carries an extra round compared to most small-frame revolvers in production today.

According to, it has a matte black DLC coating for ultra corrosion resistance. It also boasts a set of VZ G10 grips that offer improved dexterity; thus, more control in a smaller package for shooters. The VZ G10 grips are also longer through the handle and have a larger circumference which helps fill the hand and aid in control as well.

The revolver weighs around 25 ounces. It’s slim overall, at its widest, it’s 1.4 inches along the cylinder.

After many years of hiatus, Colt is raring to go in the double-action revolver business, according to The Night Cobra is the second gun in the revamped series. The Night Cobra sports additional features people have come to expect on modern revolvers for concealed-carry.

While the re-vamped Cobra has a subtle matte stainless frame, the Night Cobra has an additional flat diamond-like carbon finish on top. This not only reduces glare and lowers the gun’s profile it adds a layer of protection from sweat and skin. It also adds an edge in extraction and reliability in adverse conditions.

The Night Cobra is a double-action-only revolver with a bobbed hammer. This means it has a more consistent trigger and less to snag on the draw than a conventional double-action revolver. It also makes the gun safer to carry in a pocket or bag if a holster is not an option.

The Night Cobra is factory-equipped with a dovetailed front night sight. The handgun features a snag-free U-notch rear sight machined into the frame. This will ensure a better sight picture in low-light situations.