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There has been a growing shortage of big-data experts in the Israeli defense and security agencies, mainly as a result of the competition with the industry and high-tech community over the young workers.

A new IDF program would now train high schoolers specializing in technological studies for big data jobs, the management and analysis of data. The Intelligence Unit 8200  is collaborating with the Israeli Ministry of Education on a new big data training program, as high ranking unit officers told The program is intended to provide Israel’s security and intelligence arms, including mainly Unit 8200, as well as the Mossad and Israel’s internal security service, with pre-trained recruits.

“The army, including 8200 Unit, will train relevant high-schoolers, and they will also be eligible for university credits and will be able to register for related academic programs,” Col. R., Deputy Commander of 8200 Unit told “We’ll recruit them after partial or full academic training. After completing their mandatory military service they’ll step into the job market equipped with relevant experience.”

In addition, this year, an experimental data sciences program has been launched by the IDF at the Technion for first and advanced degree students, as part of the efforts to increase the number of data experts at Unit 8200 technological center.

Various solutions for big data challenges in both the civilian and military spheres will be discussed and presented at the coming Big Data for HLS Conference and Exhibition. 

The event will be held on February 21st at the Lago Conference Center in Rishon LeZion, with the participation of the leading experts and industries of the big data ecosystem in Israel and abroad.

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