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A development test was planned for this morning (Jan. 10) for the evaluation of future improvements to the Arrow 3 system, within the framework of the multi-layered defense testing program. Due to a problem that occured in the data transfer at the ground test array, the interceptor missile was not launched, and therefore the test engineers declared it as a No Test.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Defense announcement, the event will have no influence over the operational Arrow 2 weapon system operated for several years by the Israeli Air Force Aerial Defense, nor on the Arrow 3 system delivered to the Air Force in January 2017.

The system has been developed by Israel and the US in cooperation. The US MDA representatives and the industries involved in the development of the weapon system attended the test.

It is worth noting that anther Arrow system test last month was canceled, and declared as No Test, then due to faults in the target missile Silver Sparrow.