IDF Techological Revolution Reaches Warrior on Field

idf technological revolution

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The IDF has been revolutionizing its warriors’ personal gear. The Technological Ground Division of the Technology and Logistics Directorate has developed the Shaked Warfare – a kit that includes an Android smartphone, a digital watch, a 48-hour charger, communication system and a bag that can be connected to the vest.

The unique kit will be distributed to all the infantry soldiers from platoon commander and up during 2019, and at a later stage – also to non-officers.

“The system brings innovation to the battlefield”, said Lt. Col. Oren Mazliah, Head of C2i (Command, Control & Information) & Simulators Branch at the Technological Division, who was part of the development team. “During the last few months, we have been constantly testing the new technology with the soldiers and improving it according to the feedback from the field”.

The kit offers a vast array of possibilities for the soldier, including situational awareness: The soldier could use the smartphone and digital watch in order to navigate his way, just like with Google Maps, and direct the battle using the digital map, according to IDF website

“The smartphone doesn’t only identify the most efficient route to the target, the soldier can also use an innovative C2 digital ground system that would alert and update regarding enemy forces, terrain conditions, and recommend which vehicle is suitable and whether it is possible to reach the target by foot”.

According to Lt. Col. Mazliah, the soldier will be able to flag a target and track it by AR technology via the smartphone. “He will also be able to find out if the enemy or friendly forces are around, this could prevent bilateral shooting incidents”. The digital watch will display a blue-red map of the enemy and friendly forces, and in the future will also monitor physiological data.

Real-time Information transfer will also change. “An intelligence source will dispatch the information to the soldier in the field”, reveals Lt. Col.Mazliah, “the soldier will be able to take photos of the battlefield, plan his missions and see via the kit a detailed battle plan”.

A ruggedized casing will secure the smartphone, “the screen is secured and the USB connection will be improved so that water could not cause any damage”. In case the device gets lost, the information is secured. “At a later stage, the digital watch will be charged by solar energy.

“The C2 system will enable communication with any other vehicle equipped with the system. We want every soldier to know where he is on the battlefield or during an operational mission and able to navigate easily and be constantly aware of where his friends are situated”.

He added that the system will be thoroughly upgraded until 2019 when it reaches the field. “Currently, we are using the newest Android-supporting smartphone, but until then there will be a more advanced model”.

The smartphone will be easy to use as its apps resemble the ones on the soldiers’ private phones, yet the soldiers would be offered instruction regarding the system.

Photos: IDF Spokesman