Marine deployment exercise for detecting and handling radiation and nuclear materials in New York area

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13141916_sThe Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), U.S. Coast Guard in New York, law enforcement and rescue officials of all kinds, performed an exercise in which nuclear detection equipment was deployed over the local waterways in the City of New York and Metropolitan of Newark.

The purpose of this deployment was to locate radiological and nuclear materials; mobile teams were also located on vessels and trains. Testing / demonstrating of the detection equipment’s capability is part of the national plan, acquiring the ability to detect and prevent radiological nuclear radiation at high-risk cities.

Law enforcement and rescue agencies taking part in the medical deployment and practice are key partners in the STC program designed to improve the nation’s ability to detect and prevent a nuclear or radiological attack in cities facing the highest risk of such an attack.

Under the framework of this program, each year in New York and Newark are being done about 50 such naval deployments, enabling rapid initial response and prevention beyond nuclear and/or radiological materials, which are not commonly under regulatory control.

DNDO sources said that it was a good opportunity to examine the methods and draw conclusions, to further develop and strengthen the GNDA (Global Nuclear Detection Architecture), and that they are committed to working together with other factors in the region, to conduct joint training and exercises to enhance the organization’s ability to respond quickly after an initial recognition, or to prevent potential nuclear or radiological threats, and help law enforcement agencies deal with treating these materials.