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As we move toward industrial things being digital and connected, putting in place the right communications infrastructure is a critical piece of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) equation. Connectivity is required to ensure that data is meaningful and actionable. IIoT can greatly improve automation efficiency and production for industrial organizations and many companies are already benefiting from cost savings and improved safety.

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Industrial things come from a variety of manufacturers, employ a variety of wired and wireless interfaces and protocols, range from new to very old and have widely varying degrees of intelligence. For the IIoT to deliver maximum value for automated processes, the homogenous, IP-based world of IIoT cloud platforms must communicate with the heterogeneous, divergent world of industrial things, according to

The homogenous, IP-based world of IIoT cloud platforms must seamlessly communicate with a divergent alphanumeric soup of industrial things, and must do so reliably and securely. An interoperability gateway that can mediate between the homogenous and divergent sides of the IIoT is a baseline requirement for the IIoT to deliver maximum value.

A new generation of wireless interoperability gateways is emerging. These interoperability gateways support standard IP communications and an array of wireless interfaces on the network side. They must also support a variety of wired and wireless interfaces, as well as a diverse set of protocols, on the industrial thing or device side.

Connecting industrial things to IIoT cloud platforms closes the loop, supplying the real-time data needed to augment processes, gain insight, and optimize control of operations to enhance safety, reduce outages and increase efficiency.

Advanced cloud platforms with the integration of artificial intelligence can now provide organizations with the ability to cross-collaborate and intelligently act on and unleash the full potential of data. Big data, connectivity, control systems, smart sensors and other technologies have been largely isolated from each other until now. By bringing all the available data together on one common technology platform, utilities can securely integrate and aggregate their data, combine with wider industry data, apply big data and predictive analytics, and generate insights that can help them drive performance and productivity improvements.

The latest technological innovations in the IoT field in defense, security and law enforcement, smart city/safe city, industry, etc. will be the focus of the forthcoming IoT 2017 Conference and Exhibition organized by iHLS.

The event that will be held on December 25th, 2017 at the Lago Conference Center in Rishon LeZion will serve as a meeting point to all the leading members of the IoT ecosystem in Israel and abroad: experts, industries, startups and entrepreneurs, integrators, and officials from the defense and security, law enforcement and first responders sectors, and many more.  

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