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IMI Systems Ltd. will supply a European country with a variety of small caliber ammunition products for a total value of 37 million NIS.  

This new order is in addition to the large placed orders with IMI’s Small Caliber Ammunition Division over the past years by the USA and several European countries.  

Recently, IMI Systems began to supply its premium line of small caliber ammunition to commercial distributors throughout the US.  The total of 2016 orders from the US commercial market reached an excess of 230 million NIS.  

IMI Systems supplies a wide variety of its small caliber ammo products to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) – the Division’s major customer – as well as to several local security agencies,  all of them with stringent requirements for accuracy, performance and overall quality, according to the company’s announcement.

In recent years, the company has been supplying the IDF and customers in the world with the 338” Lapua precision bullet for special units, with 250 and 300 grains weights. With a very high precision level in 1200 m ranges, this bullet has been an important element in the arsenal of precision ammunition manufactured in IMI Systems small caliber ammunition division.

The division manufactures a large variety of military grade ammunition including calibers: 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, .338″ Lapua Magnum & .50″ (12.7mm).  The Division provides ammunition manufactured in accordance with customer requirements – both standard ammo as well as special ammo such as Armor Piercing (AP), Subsonic, Tracer & Incendiary rounds.