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A multi-UAS demonstration has been recently completed as part of a larger military exercise. Kratos Defense & Security Solutions completed a UTAP-22 Mako multi-UAS demonstration mission.

The multi-UAS demonstration leveraged the recent test flight series previously conducted in preparation for this integrated operational demonstration, which featured a range of Mako’s multi-UAS autonomous capabilities.  

According to Kratos website, Mako capabilities demonstrated included manned/unmanned collaborative operations and the latest mission payload set capability to introduce the operational utility of the Mako into a larger scale exercise.

Steve Fendley, Kratos Unmanned Systems Division President, said, “We first flew the UTAP-22 Mako UAS at the end of 2015 in a series of successful flights, demonstrating the performance characteristics and capabilities of this high performance tactical unmanned aerial system.  Since those initial flights, we have made incredible progress as evidenced by these most recent, multiple, successful flights this year.  We expect the capability expansion, utilization and success of the Mako to continue to progress into the future, and are committed to further advancing this high-performance system as we move forward.”