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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is offering to integrate a radar and laser beam system for detecting and destroying drones it has developed for its Drone Dome counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (C-UAV) system onto South Korea’s own domestically built solution.

A Rafael representative told that although South Korea has decided to adopt its own C-UAV system, it currently has no ‘kill’ element to it. The laser that Rafael originally developed for its Iron Beam counter-rocket, artillery, and mortar (C-RAM) system and later adapted for the Drone Dome as the ‘Lite Beam’ could be easily integrated, the representative said.

He further noted that in its entirety, the Drone Dome comprises three separate elements that combine to provide protection against UAVs out to a detection range of approximately 3 km and a kill range of approximately 2 km. These elements are the detection system, command and control (C2), and the kill effector.

Detection is provided by four radars to give a full 360 degree coverage and an electro-optical  infrared surveillance suite; C2 by a command console; and the effector, which can be the Lite Beam laser, jamming, or even a high-pressured water gun depending on the threat.

The system, unveiled at the Paris Air Show in June, has a range of up to several miles and causes minimal interruptions to other systems in nearby urban areas, according to