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For the first time, the air defense system Iron Dome arrives in the US and is exposed to the American market as the US defense giant Raytheon’s version SkyHunter. The system was on display in the Association of the US Army  annual meeting (AUSA) 2017 in Washington DC.

The system is manufactured in the US, except for the radar, that is manufactured by Elta – a senior partner in the project.

To an interview with Christopher King, Head of the SkyHunter program at Raytheon.

In the photo, Raytheon, Elta and Rafael teams in AUSA, Washington:

Second on the right, Christopher King, Head of the Skyhunter program, Raytheon.

Fifth on the rigth, Sa’ar Lampert, Head of Iron Dome Program in the US, Rafael.

Eighth on the right, Menny Cohen, Head of Operation and Interception Radars, Elta.