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Man-transportable robots have become more and more widespread in military operations. A supplier of battle-tested UGVs was recently awarded a contract for the supply of robots to the US Army.

Endeavor Robotics, the U.S.-based manufacturer of tactical ground robotics, was awarded the United States Department of Defense’s Man Transportable Robotic System Increment II (MTRS Inc. II) contract.

Endeavor was one of several companies to bid on the $100 million contract.  The contract has an option for an additional $58 million worth of deliverables. “We are honored to win and look forward to delivering a great robot to the US Army,” Endeavor Robotics CEO Sean Bielat says, according to

The program, MTRS Inc. II, called for bids to build medium-weight, remotely operated, man-transportable robotic systems that provide increased stand-off capability for the American warfighter. The primary use for the UGVs will be to detect and confirm potentially lethal threats, such as IEDs, chemical hazards and other biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) situations.

Having won a variety of new contracts over the last several months, including MTRS Inc. II, Endeavor Robotics will create many new jobs, hiring roboticists, engineers and support staff. The majority of new positions will be housed in Endeavor’s Boston area facility.

Endeavor Robotics is the world’s largest supplier of unmanned ground vehicles and has delivered over 6,000 units to 40+ countries, totaling 3 million hours of robot operation. Among its products are the FIRSTLOOK robot that provides immediate situational awareness, performs persistent observation and investigates dangerous and hazardous material while keeping its operator out of harm’s way; the SUGV – a portable, single-person-lift robot with dexterous manipulation for dismounted and mobile operations; the PACKBOT that can perform bomb disposal, surveillance and reconnaissance, CBRNE detection and more.