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Russia’s security services will begin taking delivery of the country’s next-generation Tochnost sniper rifle before the year is out.

“This year, the Federal Security Service, the Federal Protective Service and the National Guard have adopted the new ‘Tochnost’ sniper rifle. At the moment, the issue of serial supply is being worked out,”  TsNIItochmash director, Dmitri Semizorov, told reporters recently.

He added that the rifle is produced in two versions, with caliber size differing – 8.6x70mm or 7.62x51mm.  The rifle presents a newer development of the T-5000, a sniper rifle developed by Moscow-based arms firm ORSIS and which gained popularity in the eyes of special forces in Russia, Iraq and Syria. The rifle has a range of over 2,000 meters, and low recoil thanks to a specially primed barrel, ensuring pinpoint accuracy. The weapon also includes a convenient trigger mechanism, and a highly adjustable cheekpiece.

According to a report, the Tochnost rifle has been specially designed for use in difficult climatic conditions, including temperatures of 50 degrees below zero, and has received over 200 upgrades over the base T-5000.