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Aerial operations in the homeland security sphere require high speed and high-altitude capabilities. A new fixed-wing UAV for homeland security missions will be showcased soon by Atlas Dynamics, a leading provider of drone-based solutions professionals.

The Blue-J, a fixed-wing UAV, is ideally suited for large-scale security and inspection missions, and can be operated in autonomous and semi-autonomous modes, including takeoff and landing.

The Blue-J features a 3.5-meter wing span, four to six hours of flight time and a 150-kilometer operational range. Made fully of carbon fibre, the Atlas Blue-J is lightweight (11kg) and can carry up to a nine-kilogram payload, according to

“The efficiency of our drones speaks directly to our company’s DNA: technological excellence and a passion to simplify complex aerospace technologies for mass adoption,” said Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO of Atlas Dynamics. “While we specialize in drones, we are, at our core, an aerospace company. We plan to continue to develop and bring to market our cutting-edge products, such as the Atlas Blue-J, to develop these advanced technologies into accessible everyday tools for professionals around the world.”

The fixed-wing UAV is designed with a focus on future homeland security needs. It is suitable for high-speed, high-altitude missions, and a low radar footprint.

Another new system developed by Atlasis the NEST smart docking station for the Atlas Pro drone. According to, the NEST is a landing, protective charging station that allows for BVLOS operation, extended flight range and constant drone readiness in remote locations. When the Atlas Pro requires new batteries to extend its flight time for missions in remote locations, it can autonomously land in a NEST charging station where a robotic arm changes the drone’s batteries, allowing the Atlas Pro to continue flying to mission completion.