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Huge amounts of data are collected by drones during their various missions. Turning the data into valuable information is a complex task. Intel has been addressing critical steps of the drone workflow to accelerate the path from accurate data to actionable insights. Announcing its newest product, Intel Insight Platform, the company claim that it would help harness all of this data collected during a drone flight to unlock business value. The cloud-based platform will help drive unprecedented scale for commercial drone operations.

The newly announced Intel Insight Platform is a cloud-based data processing, analytics and reporting service that allows customers to store, share, and manage the rich data that commercial drone systems provide.

Developed in a strategic partnership with Delair, this platform will address a range of commercial applications and verticals – from inspections and surveying in construction, mining, precision agriculture, oil & gas and more. It is capable of generating 2D and 3D models, taking measurements and making annotations for sharing across teams, as well as running advanced data analytics like change detection and plant counting, according to the statement in Delair website.

Delair has specialised in aerial data processing since 2013, as part of end-to-end solutions that the company provides to its industrial customers. The company says it has been processing huge amounts of drone imagery for different key accounts in Energy, Transport and Agriculture for the past 4 years and has developed automated analytics tools to transform drone data into actionable insights.

According to, the platform goes along with the Intel’s introduction of impressive automation and obstacle avoidance in their commercial drone, the Falcon 8; and their focus on drone data.  The new solution is the latest development in Intel’s nonstop drive into the enterprise drone market.