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China and Russia are looking into closer industrial cooperation in the development of military and civilian products. The Russian high-tech conglomerate Rostec Corporation large-scale cooperation with China has extended to various civil and dual-use technology areas, including IT, composite materials, airborne equipment, aero engines, and helicopter and aircraft manufacturing, according to

“The portfolio of contracts that have been signed by Rostec’s military export subsidiary and have entered into force exceeds $45 billion. More than 15 percent of this amount comes from cooperation with China,” said Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov.

Rostec not only supplies China with military hardware but also transfers technology and conducts joint research with China on tanks, warplanes and guns, he said.

The cooperation in high-tech sectors will also generate more value for both sides, some Russian companies have already expressed their interest in enhancing business ties with their Chinese counterparts, according to

Rostec is expected to sign a contract with its Chinese partner by the end of 2017 to jointly develop a civilian heavy lift helicopter. According to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, Rostec will ink a contract with Aviation Industry Corporation of China’s Avicopter unit to jointly develop the helicopter.

The helicopter’s take-off weight will exceed 38 metric tons and it will be adapted for round-the-clock operation in highlands and in all weather conditions, Chemezov said.

The Chinese side is expected to be the chief developer in charge of production, trials, certification and sales, while the Russian side is responsible for technological plans, he said.

Both sides are also working on a wide-body long-range aircraft. “Rostec’s subsidiary United Engine Corporation together with the Aero Engine Corporation of China are developing the key components of the new aircraft engine,” Chemezov said.