Special ambulances – medical assistance in all conditions

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123To address the special needs of MDA (Magen David Adom, Israel’s “Red Cross”), we have developed two models of special ambulances according to the technical requirements with a special purpose: the ability to provide medical assistance at any time and in condition.

Events involving injuries require rapid intervention of medical rescue teams. Sometimes arrival time to an event becomes critical and as the medical intervention teams would be faster, so they could save many more lives.

Paramedic supervisor

The event often requires transportation in difficult and complex geographical environments and terrain.

The Paramedic supervisor vehicle embodies two goals: rescue vehicles and preliminary command and control vehicles. The 4×4 vehicle allows flexibility even in complex topographic regions where the accessibility is more difficult.

To allow achieving these vehicle’s goals – it was installed with complex command and control equipment, and rescue measures.

Besides the capabilities of the mobile platforms, while it is still a medical ambulance with every measure of medical treatment starting from the stretcher, first aid equipment and life support and monitoring. The vehicles are also equipped with a folding mast installed on the roof of the vehicle carrying lighting, video antennas and other photographic and video broadcasting equipment.

Naturally, these vehicles are designed to operate in remote areas and give an operational response to medical uninhabited areas.

The Crews manning these vehicles have accumulated a long operational experience and practice in search and rescue interventions with elite units, including rescue units of the IDF’s Home Front Command and more.

Armored ambulance

The Armored ambulance vehicle is designed to move in conflict areas with danger of gunfire events at the rescue teams.

The Ambulance was built on a 12 tons Internash truck chassis, and has a carrying capacity of a large medical staff and many and varied medical aid means.

These vehicles are equipped with medical equipment and are considered State of the Art in the ambulance fleet. These vehicles provide an appropriate and safe transportation means to the medical staff and those in need of their services.


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Bastion Vehicles

Armored and modification task vehicles