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These past few weeks have proven time and again the significance of offering fast medical treatment to save lives and the understanding that the more people know how to offer assistance for injured people during the first moments, so will the ability to save the life of the injured grows.

In order to enlarge the number of first aid kits around the city and the ability to offer preliminary care for those injured, magen David Adom (MDA) CEO Eli Bean and Jerusalem District Commander Major General Chico Edri have decided to give hundreds of MDA first aid kits of police cars deployed recently around the city of Jerusalem.

The goal of this initiative is to make sure that every police car in Jerusalem has a first aid kit, allowing both officers and civilians around them to offer medical assistance when needed until MDA teams arrive, in cases where police forces were the first on the scene.

Major General Chico Edri said: “The Jerusalem police and MDA are working in full, daily collaboration in every terrorist event in the city. The fast arrival of the police force to the scene and the fast response to the wounded is a critical part of saving lives, as seen in the stabbing event in the Ammunition Hill where a cop who came first to the scene stopped the bleeding of the person stabbed in the neck and saved his life, which shows the need of having a medical kit in every patrol vehicle.”

MDA CEO Eli Bean said: “The rate of these difficult events in Jerusalem these past few weeks demands preparation from each and every one of us in order to save lives. As proven in these past weeks, the first seconds and minutes are the most critical in saving lives, thus there is a big importance for police teams arriving at the scenes to know how to offer medical assistance should the need arise. MDA and the Israeli police have been cooperating for many years and equipping patrol cars with first aid kits will surely help save lives.