Innovative Solution for Urban Warfare

Merkava tank
מנת"ק משרד הביטחון

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Israel’s MoD’s Merkava Tank and AFV Program Administration completed the first demonstrative development of the Namer APC with a turret and a cannon. The new development was designed to supply considerable firepower to infantry units, and in the future will also be installed on the Eitan wheeled APC developed by the Merkava Tank Administration.

The Merkava Tank Administration, in collaboration with the IDF Ground force, has recently started the first testing series of the Namer APC, for the first time with a mounted medium turret with a 30-mm cannon. The turret was designed to be mounted on both APCs developed and manufactured by the Merkava Administration for the IDF: the Namer and the first wheeled APC Eitan, which is now tested within the framework of the development program.

According to the MoD, the turret and cannon mounted APC supplies a better response to the requirements of urban warfare. The cannon was designed to supply a considerable firepower to infantry units, supply more independence to the warriors at the battlefield and minimize the dependence on other units’ support. The medium turret is unmanned and does not infiltrate the combat cell, so the capability to carry troops remains the same.

The operation of the system is supposed to be simple and will be carried out by the APC team at the hull. The turret will also incorporate an active defense system and other systems that would add more major capabilities.