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Protecting people while they are on the move has become an increasingly more difficult task. Traditional solutions for this problem were mainly creating a sort of shield around the vehicle in order to mitigate the damage the passengers would absorb in case of an accident or if someone or something attempted to damage the vehicle. One of the main problems with these solutions is that the vehicle’s capabilities were harmed, the gas consumption would rise, as well as braking time and the overall driving comfort experience.

But there’s a way to create protection without damaging any of the car’s capabilities. A laminate, made of hardened glass is the answer. What started out as bullet-resistant technology to protect military has now made its way to law enforcement, schools and first responders.

ACE, a large Canadian company that’s been operating since 1991, has developed this solution for automobile security. The paper thin plastic adhesive can stop just about any weapon in its tracks. “It’s designed in a manner that when a projectile hits the glass, window, bomb blast etc., the adhesives absorb the energy and disperse the energy across the whole surface of the window,” CEO Peter Fabian said to

According to the company’s website, the hardened glass can be implemented in all vehicles: executive, commercial and even military. Many application for this type of development come to mind, including protecting government VIPs. Currently, the company operates in over 40 countries. In additions, the hardened glass can also be implemented in buildings – schools, religious buildings and more.