New Drone-Based IED Simulation Tech

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Asymmetric warfare by its very nature leads combatants on all sides to develop new weapons and defenses. The emerging drone and small UAVs threat requires better training methods. The drone based IED delivery systems seen most recently in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are just the latest step in the evolution of the improvised explosives threat.

ExploDrone system, a realistic drone-based improvised explosive device simulation and training system has been developed recently in response.

According to, Explotrain’s functional drone-based and simulated IED integrated device is a response to the use of sUAVs or drones as a method, for delivering and deploying weapons in the form of explosives. While the US military is exploring multiple counter drone technologies, from electronic signal jamming and interception to laser based disabling systems, the system is intended for use in live training, testing and evaluation.

“A key challenge in developing, testing and validating the current crop of counter-unmanned aerial systems (cUAS) is a lack of true simulators,” said Michael Hopmeier, a world recognized expert on cUAS system strategy and technology. “Faked YouTube videos and staged tests are entertaining, but they are what lead to so many casualties from IEDs just a decade ago.”

Working in conjunction with military, law enforcement and business partners, the new ExploDrone system is able to accurately simulate the two main types of attacks carried out by enemy drones. Lightweight pneumatic based Explosive Blast Simulators are carried by

larger drones and are used to simulate attacks wherein the drone itself is used as an explosive device. However, unlike their real world counterpart, these training drones and simulators can be reused indefinitely to save training costs.

Additionally, smaller drones are used that carry simulations of the repurposed military and improvised munitions that are being dropped onto personnel, vehicles, or other military targets. These simulated munitions are interfaced with Explosive Blast Simulators prepositioned in or on the target area to create the realistic effects so necessary to providing psychologically effective training to ground troops.

One of Explotrain’s partner companies, Inert Products, specializes in the rapid development and reproduction of ordnance and munitions and is capable of providing the wide array of Inert Dropped Aerial Munitions (IDAMs) that troops and law enforcement are likely to face. By using these and other advancements in rapid manufacturing technologies, Explotrain and its partners are able to reduce costs while providing the rapid response to emerging threats now needed.

These advancements are used not only in training scenarios but also as a means of testing and evaluating new tactics and technologies without the risks and expenses of using them against a live threat.