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The discovery of oil and gas in Israel and the continuous operation of the offshore installations, which have a considerable economic and strategic importance to Israel, have created a new security challenge.

The Israeli parliament approved the first reading of the bill regarding the regularization of security in public organizations (8th amendment, naval security operations) 2017. According to the Knesset website, this law regulates the security of physical installations, information, and vital computerized systems of organizations or installations that there is an interest from the defense aspect to secure their operation. However, the law does not regulate the security guidance regarding offshore installations, including gas rigs, vessels and gas exploration and production installations.

With this respect, the offered amendment to the law adds the IDF as the directing organization authorized to order the implementation of security operations regarding offshore installations within Israel’s maritime regions, and authorize the IDF to set compelling security directions vis a vis the license owners regarding the security of the installations. At this stage, it is offered to apply the bill to license owners according to the law of natural gas or oil law, as well as the Israel Electric Corporation and the ports companies.

The bill will apply to installations within Israel’s territorial waters and continental shelf regarding all aspects of naval security.

16 MPs voted for the bill while two MPs voted against it. The bill will pass to the Internal affairs and Environment Committee for further readings.

Offshore security will be the focus of iHLS next conference and exhibition: Strategic installations, offshore rigs, and border security, which will take place on June 25th, 2017 at the Lago conference center, Rishon LeZion.

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