New Chinese Unmanned Patrol Surface Vehicles Unveiled

patrol surface vehicles

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New indigenous unmanned surface vehicles (USV systems) were recently showcased by Zhuhai Yunzhou Intelligence Technology (Yunzhou-Tech), a Chinese company specializing in the design and development of USVs.

The company displayed a model of its latest M75 High-Speed Security Patrol USV – which has been acquired by the China Coast Guard (CCG) – outside of the country for the first time. Designed for a range of missions including border protection, port security, and surveillance, the M75 features a reinforced glass fiber monohull that is clad in Kevlar ballistic fabric for improved resilience.

According to company specifications, the M75 USV displaces 750 kg and measures 5 m in length, 1.7 m in beam, and 2.4 m in height, excluding its mast. A diesel-powered marine engine enables the vehicle to attain a top speed of 35 kt with a maximum operating range of 120 n miles or up to 4 hours of continuous operation.

Zhang Zhili, a technical specialist in ocean systems development, told that the M75 incorporates the company’s patented self-righting technology, which employs a gyroscope and a suite of environmental sensors around its hull to detect the vehicle’s orientation, and dynamically channels ballast to recover the vehicle if it overturns during a mission.

“While our USVs are equipped with collision-avoidance capabilities, this feature ensures that our vehicles remain operational even in the advent of a freak accident or a rogue wave,” Zhang said, adding that the M75 is capable of operations in Sea State 4 conditions.

Standard mission equipment includes an electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) sensor turret, acoustic detection device, and more.

The M75 can also be configured with rescue equipment that deploys life-saving aids to survivors stranded at sea.

Yunzhou-Tech has also developed the L30 USV, essentially a larger and more resilient version of the M75, according to