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Strategic installations and economic infrastructures along the borders, at sea and underwater have been a target of hostile states, terrorist organizations, and other elements. Threats can come from the air, surface or subsurface.

These aspects will be the focus of iHLS next conference and exhibition: Strategic installations, offshore rigs, and border security, which will take place on June 25th, 2017 at the Lago conference center, Rishon LeZion.

The security community has been constantly searching for innovative technological means in order to confront the threats and monitor and protect strategic infrastructures such as electric grid, oil and gas, water, oil refineries, vital industries, chemical industries, transportation, telecommunications, ports, airports, etc.

Oil and gas companies are tempting targets for terrorist attacks, aiming at inflicting long-lasting damages to Israel’s natural resources and economic waters. The oil and gas rigs are vulnerable because of their relative proximity to the shore and their substantial size. Attacking them might render the enemy a significant achievement.

The role of the security industry is to assure the continuous 24/7 operation of the installations vis a vis any threat or potential attack, in routine and emergency, and supply constant monitoring, detection and defense via satellites, unmanned vehicles, vessels, radars, etc.

The conference is a unique opportunity for professional meetings between companies in the technological and defense industries, integrators, research and development organizations and leading academic institutions, in the field of strategic installations security globally and in Israel, as well as potential customers.

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