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Cutting-edge technological responses to the future warfare challenges will be the focus of the conference on Future Forces that will be hosted by iHLS next week.

The conference and exhibition that will take place at the Lago conference center in Rishon LeZion on May 25th, 2017, will serve as a unique opportunity to watch technological innovation at its best at the exhibition and listen to the lectures of the leading experts in this field from the IDF, the defense industries, and leading commercial companies.

The conference will be opened by Marom Commander, IDF, who will speak about future challenges and response. Then, Danny Bichman from IAI’s MALAT Division will refer to the use of UAVs in disaster response. A lecture by Shlomo Aharonishki, High Commissioner (Ret.) of the Israeli Police and NSP President will follow.

The international legal aspect will be presented by Col. (Res.) Asher Halperin, former Chief Military Defense Attorney, who will speak about future combat challenges, warfare under globalization in international law. Avi Zilberman, Head of Advanced Planning Administration – HLS, IAI Elta, will present technology’s threat detection capabilities at the naval and ground border.

Lt. Col. (Res.) Boaz Zalmanowicz, former Head of Doctrine and Research Branch in the General Staff, IDF, will speak about conceptualizing the future battlefield.

Asaf Picciotto, Polaris Solutions CEO, will focus on battlefield survivability, followed by Nahum Liss, Head of the Security Branch at the Israel Aiports Authority.

The conference offers a unique opportunity for professional encounters between operational units in various spheres while presenting new solutions, offered by high-tech companies, startups, defense industries, integrators, nanotechnology companies, R&D groups, leading academic institutions in the field, potential clients, and investors.

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