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The first UAS featuring X-Blade Technology, the Swift020 UAS, recently completed a successful autonomous marine flight test excursion in Orange County, CA.  “This presents a game-changer for small marine vessels.”, said Andrew Streett, Chief Scientist for Swift Engineering, “It is a culmination of internal R&D systems development and this success validates the maturity of the Swift020 platform.”

The Swift020 UAS takes off and lands anywhere, like a quad-rotor and transitions to efficient fixed-wing forward flight without additional launch and recovery equipment, allowing it to vastly improve operational time and cost. It’s a family of systems servicing Linear infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Maritime, Emergency Services, Delivery, Agriculture, Scientific Research, Surveillance and Military/Defense markets.

The X-Blade Technology is the technology and expertise enabling maximization of the benefits of rotors with the efficiencies of fixed wing flight. It’s vertical take-off and landing platform transition to horizontal flight technology that does not use rotating mechanisms; all the control is conducted within the flight control autopilot system.

According to, the X-Blade Technology used in the Swift020 UAS can be scaled to larger and different configuration platforms.

Swift Engineering is a product development company with over 30 years of experience designing and building high-performance vehicles, specializing in unmanned systems, autonomy, robotics, and advanced composites.