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Analogic Corporation recently announced the Middle East debut of ConneCT. It is designed to improve airport security, lower airport screening costs, and increase passenger throughput using an upgradeable computed tomography (CT) platform that makes it easy for airports to respond to changing security and operational requirements. Some of the system’s features include an open network architecture, industry-leading 3D imaging technology, and automated threat detection.

According to Analogic’s site, the company has leveraged its decades of imaging innovation to improve airport security.  “The ConneCT has an open architecture, which will allow regulators to respond to threats much faster than current proprietary systems,” said Jim Ryan, senior vice president of Security and Detection Systems. “This ‘open system approach,’ combined with Analogic’s superior 3D imaging technology, automated threat detection software, airport friendly user interface, and streamlined design, will give airports in the Middle East the world-class security solution they require.”

“We’re bringing the most advanced checkpoint security technology to market with a cutting-edge design that lends itself to the innovative atmosphere of this region,” said Mark Laustra, vice president global business development, and government relations. “International hubs need security solutions that let passengers move smoothly through the security process. ConneCT is designed to minimize the inconvenience associated with security requirements such as the recent electronics ban that slows throughput. ConneCT uniquely provides that level of security.”

Airports worldwide have been exploring new types of security lanes and tray return systems intended to streamline the security process. Analogic’s ConneCT was engineered to integrate with a wide variety of tray return systems, allowing airports to optimize checkpoints with the tray return system of their choice. The ConneCT screening system is currently undergoing testing with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the US and has entered European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) certification protocol in Europe.

Analogic plans to continue working closely with international certification agencies and airports to bring the ConneCT system to the global market in 2017. The company also provides leading-edge healthcare and security tech solutions to advance the practice of medicine and save lives. It’s advanced imaging technologies are also used in CT, MRI and digital mammography systems, as well as automated threat detection systems for aviation security.