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An advanced baggage screening array will be installed at the new airport in Istanbul, Turkey. L3 Security and Detection Systems, a provider of security screening solutions for the aviation industry, has received an order for 24 MV3D Baggage Explosives Detection Systems (EDS) for the new airport.

According to, the new airport in the city is scheduled to begin working in the first quarter of 2018, it will cost an estimated US$10.6bn and will host 2,000 flights per day serving 90 million passengers per year. The capacity will be further increased to 200 million passengers by 2030.

L3’s system was designed to provide a high level of detection performance without the use of a rotating gantry. The system uses a series of fixed x-ray sources and multiple detector arrays to create high-resolution images. It generates the image quality of previous European Union (EU) systems, while providing the detection performance required of EU Standard Approved and the Transport Security Administration (TSA) Certified systems.

With the Istanbul order, L-3 has now deployed more than 40 of these systems throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

“We’re pleased that the MV3D has reached this important milestone, demonstrating its position as a leading airport baggage screening solution for the international marketplace” said Tom Ripp, president of L3 Security & Detection Systems. “This system’s unique design increases effectiveness and reduces costly rescreening of bags, which improves system availability and lowers the total cost of ownership over the life of the machine.”